A veteran-owned architecture and design company in Ravenswood on the north side of Chicago.

Information Kiosks at the University of Chicago

29 March 2012

New information kiosks placed throughout University of Chicago campus provide instantly recognizable
landmarks that also serve as way-finding and communication venues. The modular design, with multiple
signage and seating configurations, adapts to serve various locations and provides a consistent
University communication site with much‐needed space for posting fliers and notices.

The signature kiosk design respects the architectural language of the historic Hyde Park campus, paying
tribute to celebrated campus buildings through the shape of the columns. Translucent canopies
(fabricated from 3form Varia Ecoresin recycled resin panels) feature a branch pattern that bridges the
indoor and outdoor spaces of the campus and provides sheltered space while still allowing daylight to
filter in. At night, linear LEDs along the edge of the canopies illuminate the Ecoresin and provide a
radiant effect.

Just as the canopy’s shape serves to visually establish a sense of the campus boundaries during the
daytime, the glowing, illuminated canopy serves as a campus beacon at night.